Decal Installation

If your sticker has no transfer tape over the vinyl please see our printed sticker installation section for installation.
  • [Printed Sticker Installation]

  • Never use any lacquers, window cleaners, or any other harsh chemicals on the graphics otherwise damage can occur. Never apply the decal in direct sunlight and stay within a window of 60 to 95 degrees F.

    Decal consists of 3 layers
    * the top layer is the application tape
    * the middle layer is the actual decal vinyl
    * the bottom layer is the backing wax paper

    1. Clean and prep the surface by removing any residues. NOTE:NEVER USE AMMONIA BASED CLEANERS (i.e. Windex). It will out gas for a couple of weeks and create bubbles under the decal. Which will result in accidental decal peeling.

    2. WITHOUT PULLING OFF THE BACKING PAPER, Apply masking tape along the top of your decal and place on the surface area creating a hinge.


    3. Flip Decal up and pull backing paper off.


    4. Gently bring the decal back down and squeegee the decal onto the window from the top down forcing out the air bubbles.


    5. Your decal will now be secured onto your surface area. Gently remove application tape by pulling straight back, leaving the decal on the surface. Allow decal to adhere to the surface for a minimum of 48 hours before washing over the it.  You are now ready to sport your new sticker!