Installing our Wall Graphics

1. Pick a spot and measure the dimensions to make sure you have enough room. If the wall graphic has been rolled up, allow it to lay flat for a few hours for easier installation.

2. Clean the surface thoroughly and allow plenty of dry time. Use a dry cloth to remove any dirt or debris on walls. Do not use chemical cleaners! A damp cloth can be used to clean windows, doors, and etc.

3. Peel the wall graphic from the backing wax paper from the corner and apply it to the surface and and slowly smooth the the rest into place using minimal pressure. If repositioning is necessary, please remove gently to reapply.
* Remember to keep the packaging tube and backing wax paper in case you want to move your wall graphic to a new location.

4. After it is in proper position, remove any trapped air pockets by working from the center of the graphic outwards with your hands and fingers.

* Helpful Tips

- Two people are highly recommended for installing larger wall graphics.

- If your wall graphics sticker to each other.... don't panic. Slowly peel the two sides apart using gentle pressure.

- Our wall graphics can be safely applied and removed 100 times without losing adhesion.

- To remove your wall graphic slowly and gently peel from the top on a 120 degree angle.